"Amazed at availability of merchandise and promptness of shipping. The prices were very reasonable as well."

Angela, MO.

"This was the first time I shopped on this site, and I was very pleased."

Donna, PA.

Pre-Order Your Toys!

What Is A Pre-Order?
When you Pre-Order your toys you pay no money up front. Select the items you want and simply go though the checkout process as usual. When the items come into our warehouse we will charge you for the items and ship them to you. As an added bonus (not a guarantee) our pre-order prices are usually lower than our in stock price. Please note that PayPal users are charged immediately, read below for more information regarding PayPal.

Can You Hold My Items Together To Ship Together?
We can not hold toys, example, if you ordered in stock product with pre-order product, your in stock merchandise will be shipped immediately. We do not have a hold system so in stock product ships immediately and pre-order product will ship when it arrives in stock (with a shipping charge attached).

Is There An Additional Shipping Charge When My Items Ship?
Orders that include in stock and pre-order items or pre-order items with different release dates will incur a shipping charge each instance we ship an item or part of your order. Images of product are for reference only. Product color, accessories or size may change or product may be canceled at manufacturers discretion without notice. We also reserve the right to limit quantity on any pre-order item. Orders with quantities in excess of 5 of any single item will be verified and we may require you to pay 50% of the order total up front. We also reserve the right to refuse returns from such orders.

Paying with PayPal
We gladly accept PayPal for any order however if you pay using your PayPal account when placing a pre-order we will charge your PayPal account immediately and ship the order to you when it becomes available. This is because PayPal only allows a certain time limit in which to capture funds, after this time limit we can no longer capture funds so we capture funds immediately after you place your order to avoid this problem.

Am I Guaranteed To Get My Items If I Pre-Order?
We'll always do our best to fill every single pre-order we get however we can not guarantee we will be able to always fill any pre-order. Simply due to the fact that at times our order is allocated (cut short) by the manufacturer. We have every intention of filling your order but in the event we don't get all of our product and can not fill your order we will contact you. We will not charge your credit card if your items are not available.

Release Dates And Product Are Subject To Change
Release dates are approximate (subject to change without notice). Images of items can be prototypes, colors, accessories, articulation, etc are also subject to change without notice. We do not, unlike some companies, charge a cancelation fee if you decide to cancel your pre-order. As a courtesy to us please let us know as early as possible if you plan on canceling your pre-order. You must notify us in writing via email (do not call as we will not be able to do it this way, we need to have a written statement via email from you). You may cancel any pre-order before it has been released (with some exceptions listed below) however the week we receive or are set to receive the item/s it may not be possible (at times) to cancel the order. The only pre-order items we DO NOT ALLOW to be cancelled are show exclusive items, such as San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives, Wizard Show Exclusives, etc. Because these items are purchased directly at the show and we generally have to stand in line for most items thus putting in physical man time to do this therefore we can not cancel or accept returns or refunds on such pre-orders. Thank you for your understanding.

Additional Information
In some instances, if you place an order with both in stock items and pre-order items and your pre-orderable item/s are to arrive soon (within 24-48 hours) we'll then instead ship your order complete when the pre-order items arrive thus saving you an extra shipping charge (not available for orders that select express shipping). Please be aware that this is not a guarantee, we do not always know when a pre-order product is to arrive, often times our merchandise simply shows up without our knowledge so we CAN NOT say for sure we will always be able to do this. It can happen that we ship you an order today with your in stock product and tomorrow with your pre-ordered product because again its totally possible the pre-orderable items in your order arrive hours after we've processed and shipped the in stock items from you order.